William Ekai wears a generous smile. At 27, he is a fortress of hope for persons with disability in the vast Turkana County. He has always inspired great things. Thanks to The Desert Wheel Race 2014 Edition, he can now bask in the glory and can achieve his mission of inspiring PWDs in nomadic communities and indeed Kenya.

In The Desert Wheel Race 2014 Edition, William punched the sky as he wheeled himself to the finishing line. Thunderous claps from hundreds of participants gave him all the energy he needed after enduring the route under the sweltering heat of Isiolo County. William covered the 9km race in 17 minutes and 45 seconds.

The sleepy village of Katilu, located 110km from Lodwar town, gave him a hero's reception. Today, he is not only the champion of The Desert Wheel Race, Third Edition, but also a respected member of his community. His win changed his life for the better.

William spent the Ksh 50,000 that he won on buying goats and has since started a food store at Katilu trading centre. "I an very happy and my life has taken a huge leap forward after winning the race. I am now a celebrity and a popular sporting person in my community. I am looking forward to participating in other races such as Standard Chartered Marathon," says Ekai.

William is not only a champion of The Desert Wheel Race, Third Edition, but an ambassador with a bigger role on his shoulders. Thanks to his win, William will be traversing the 7 counties of Northern Kenya and advancing the rights of PWDs. He will be visiting the counties and assessing their disability inclusion strategies and projects.

Having commissioned him as one of its disability ambassadors in Northern Kenya, NONDO is proud of him and will continue supporting him in his mission.