The Desert Wheel Race

NONDO's yearly flagship event The Desert Wheel Race.

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The Isiolo Declaration - 2014

ThemeInclusion for persons with disabilities in Northern Kenya in the devolved system of governance in Kenya by 2017.

As part of the initiative to domesticate post 2015 development agenda on persons with disability, CRPD and the constitution of Kenya , NONDO facilitated a forum that culminated in what is today popularly known as Isiolo Declaration. 

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Who We Are

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NONDO is a Public Benefit Organization (PBO) that advocates for the rights, inclusion and participation of persons with disability in Kenya. NONDO's thematic areas include Education, Health and Rehabilitation, Governance, Social and Economic Empowerment.

NONDO - The documentary 2014 

NONDO has done excellent work over the past four years to improve the lives of PWDs through advocacy.

Fighting for nomads with disabilities

In 2012, NONDO was awarded the Malaika Tribute Award for Activist of the year. This was in recognition of the organizations’ excellent advocacy effort for persons with disability. 

Disabled fight for inclusion in Kenya's nomadic communities

NONDO empowers persons with disability to be on the front line to fight for their rights.

New Bill for People With Disabilities in Kenya

The Garissa County Government will sponsor a bill to address the plight of people with disabilities.
 Governor Nathif Jama directed...

Wajir County emerges overall winner

Wajir County emerged the overall 2014 best county in support and inclusion of PWDs in governance and development process. The county was recognized during the Desert Wheel Race in Isiolo.

Constitution Petition 4 of 2013

"Before appointment the Governor is obligated to ensure to the fullest extent possible, the composition of the executive committee reflects the community and cultural diversity of the county and take into account the principle of affirmative action as provided for in the Constitution (see section 35 (1) County Government Act). The county assembly is also obligated under section 35 (2) of the same Act to take into account when approving those appointments ……". Justice Stella Mutuku in a case of Northern Nomadic Disabled Person's Organization (Nondo) v Governor County Government of Garissa & another [2013] eKLR.

Disabled lobby blocks Garissa, Mandera lists

NONDO moved to court challenging the composition of the cabinet named by Garissa governor Nadhif Jama and his Mandera counterpart Ali Roba…

Nondo director speaks on The Desert Wheel Race

The Desert Wheel Race is an outstanding NONDO annual flagship event

The Nomad Magazine


  • 2015 Champion +

    The Champion! Desert Wheel Race 2015Richard Simiyu of Baringo County
  • 2014 Champion +

    William Ekai, Turkana County. The Desert Wheel Race, 2014 Edition Champion.
  • Advocacy +

    Our main intervention program is advocacy. It entails ensuring that PWDs in the region have a voice and space to participate and live meaningful lives. Advocacy is undertaken through sports, media engagement as well as litigation. The organization ensures that PWDs are at the frontline of its interventions through capacity
  • Health +

    PWDs have special needs. They are more vulnerable to diseases and epidemics. Some need assistive equipment to survive. We advocate for friendly, considerate and inclusive health facilities for PWDs as well as prevention of disability among nomadic communities of Northern Kenya. We advocate for coordinated and inclusive vaccination drives and
  • Governance +

    We hold that PWDs have a right to be heard and involved in development process. The organization advocates for participation, involvement and representation of PWDs in all facets of governance and indeed development.
  • Education +

    We advocate for access, opportunities, inclusion and integration of PWDs in the education system. We work with partners to eliminate barriers of access and profiling that hinder PWDs (especially children with disability) from realizing their dream of education.
  • Empowerement +

    We work with PWDs and non-disabled persons to challenge and confront barriers and stereotypes that PWDs in North Kenya face. We advocate inclusive social protection of PWDs as a vulnerable group, affirmative consideration in areas such as employment, setting up of special PWDs funds among others. Poverty, we believe, is
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